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Welcome to Dr. Kuldeep Aggarwal
Senior Consultant Urology

Dr. Kuldeep Aggarwal, Urologist in Gaziabad deals with pathologies affecting the uro-genital system, which includes numerous organs, such as the kidneys, ureters, bladder, prostate and male genital organs external. As an andrologist, Dr. Kuldeep Aggarwal is experts in diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the male genital system, such as: balanitis, epispadias, epididymal dysfunction, premature ejaculation, hydrocele, hypospadias, erectile dysfunction, infertility, orchitis, penile, prostate or testicular cancer, penile fracture, congenital or acquired penile curvature, phimosis, prostatitis, spermatocele and vesicocele. Expertise:

  • Stone Disease – Specialist In Endoscopic Urological Surgery For All Urinary Stone Disease.
  • Trained Under Austeg(South Korea) For Rirs (Retrogarade Intra Renal Surgery)
  • Prostate Surgery – Turp And Laser Enucleation
  • Renal Transplant
  • Uro – Oncology
  • Andrology And Infertility
  • Stood 1st in USICON QUIZ – State Level, 2016

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Dr. Kuldeep Aggarwal

Stone Disease – Specialist In Endoscopic Urological Surgery For All Urinary Stone Disease. Trained Under Austeg(South Korea)


* Ex Consultant Max Hospital, Patparganj
* Ex Resident Aiims, New Delhi
* Ex Resident Safdarjung Hospital,Delhi
* Worked As Assistant Professor, Sumandeep Vidyapeeth University

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Dr. Kuldeep Aggarwal
Senior Consultant Urology

Department of Urology

Best Urologist in Ghaziabad

Being one of the best urologist in Ghaziabad, he has special Interests in Robotic Uro-oncology, Endourology, Laparoscopic Urology, and Renal Transplant Surgeries. He has performed more than 15000 endourological procedures like PCNL, Mini PCNL, URS, flexible ureteroscopy (RIRS), endopyelotomy, TURP, TURBT, optical urethrotomy.

Urology is a surgical super specialty dealing with ailments of genital & urinary system in male and female. It is one of the most vaned branches of surgery, encompassing diseases of kidneys, bladder and prostate to include incontinence, impotence, infertility, cancer and reconstruction of the genito-urinary tract and encompasses patients of both sexes and all ages.
Over the last 20 years, urology has become one of the most innovative surgical specialties. Urologists use traditional surgical methods, but have also pioneered the most modern high-tech, fibreoptic and endoscopic techniques (sometimes called minimally-invasive surgery). Urology is one of the first specialties to use “keyhole” surgery and still retains the most comprehensive array of minimally-invasive techniques for patients. The doctors here at KG Hopital are leaders in handling all urological conditions such as stone disease, birth defects, infections, tumors, obstruction of the urinary system, prostate enlargement infertility, erectile dysfunction, urinary incontinence, kidney transplantation, etc. The department performs over a thousand operations in a year and treats over 10, 000 patients on an out-patient basis.
We are one of the few centres in the country which offers highly specialised tests such as video urodynamics for patients with neurological disorders and template prostate biopsy for patients with suspected prostate cancer who have had repeated negative prostate biopsies.

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"I am so thankful to Dr. Kuldeep Aggarwal for doing prostate surgery of my father. He was fine after surgery and got discharged to he next day only. I recommend Dr. Kuldeep for all urological procedures. He is the best urologist in noida . Thank you so much sir"

Shivani Agrawal Noida


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